AK-47 strain


AK47 has a sour earthy scent, and leaves you in relaxed state on consumption. AK47 gives you a long lasting celebral buzz. AK47 has a THC content of 20%.

  • Type: Hybird
  • Genetics: South American x Afghani x Mexican x Thai
  • Woody x Pungent x Earthy
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Uplifted x Creative
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Find peace of mind and inner calm with AK-47 strains for sale

Don’t let the ferocious name mislead you. It is just the opposite of what it sounds. AK-47 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that offers a mellow feeling and leaves you euphoric and uplifted. Many consumers buy the AK-47 strain to take advantage of its calming effects that relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. The kind of relaxation it induces can also help insomniacs achieve a good night’s sleep. Those suffering from mood disorders can regulate their mood with a few hits.
Genetically speaking, Buy AK-47 strain is a combination of Afghan, Thai, Mexico, and Colombia strains, constituting 35 percent Indica and 65 percent sativa. The exact lineage still remains a mystery, but who cares when you get a potent, long-lasting high coupled with a fruity aroma. It has won many awards over the years and continues to be the top-selling product on the cannabis market. You can easily get high-quality AK-47 strains online at the click of a button. Buy a pack for yourself and enjoy a cerebral buzz that keeps you engaged in creative activities.

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Cannabis is now legal in most of the states, and the numbers will keep rising in the near future. It has opened the doors for producers and suppliers to showcase their best products. At Kush Best Store, we have designed an intuitive platform for cannabis lovers to get cheap AK-47 strains delivered to their doorsteps. There is no scope for compromise in quality, and we test each strain individually before they make it to our catalog. We are here to serve the community of cannabis lovers and give our best to preserve the culture. You can talk to our team if you need any details about our products. We are eagerly waiting for your call!


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