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THC: 22-25%

Flavors: Earthy, spicy, spicy, sweet

Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, relaxed

Medicinal: Stress, pain, depression


Buy OG God Kush Online . The God OG Kush high isn’t for beginners – use this Indica Hybrid strain with caution! This high hits you hard with a powerful creeping effect that will leave you couch-locked and helplessly sedated within 20 minutes of toking. You’ll be trapped within your own mind as you soar through deep introspection. Nonetheless, you’re going to be euphoric and happy in this condition, although unable to move for anything aside from a trip to the fridge and back for a snack or two.

This strain has a pungent earthy flavour with hints of skunk and pine along with an aroma of pungent earthy pine with herbal spiciness undertones and a hint of pepper.

God OG Kush is ideal for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, muscle spasms, chronic pain, tremors, appetite loss, and insomnia. Buy OG God Kush Online

Our weed shop have the best God OG Kush you can ever think of.

 A flower considered a best seller due to its capability of resonating with all level of smokers. The high THC content is sure to be a hit with veteran smokers while the well-balanced buzz won’t overwhelm newbies. All this greatness is embedded beautiful, dense and light bud. Cracking them open you will get hit with a pungent, skunky odor that reveals its indica lineage.

Pros: Strong Body Buzz, Well balanced high, Mild taste and smoke
Cons: You know there aren’t any

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